The VEHS regularly organises special displays around the town. This is an important task to help encourage an appreciation and understanding of our rich shared heritage:

  • Displays at the Almonry

When the Society was active in in the Almonry, we mounted a series of displays there. Our display about the hospital at Abbey Manor, was followed by one featuring individual servicemen – part of a programme of events commemorating the First World War. We also expanded the displays of Simon de Montfort. (We are also proud to have been associated with the display by Pershore Arts in November at “No 8” in Pershore, on aspects of World War 1.)

  • Displays in St Lawrence’s church

In collaboration with the Churches Conservation Trust, we have use of north vestry (the old clergy vestry) in St Lawrence church in which we have put on a sequence of displays there.

  • At the Riverside Shopping Centre

We were, for some time granted permission to adopt an unused shop front at the Riverside Shopping Centre for displays of information and items from the Society’s collection. We had displays of Archaeology in Evesham, of World War 1, and of  Simon de Montfort and the Battle of Evesham.

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After a short break, we returned to a new, larger, shop front at the Riverside with a new display about the Bell Tower and its bells. More recent displays in Riverside have included:

  • Aerial photos of Evesham (Jan 2016)
  • Evesham Evolving (scenes old and new) (August 2017)
  • Entertainments in Evesham (Feb 2018)
  • The Women’s Land Army (March 2020)
  • At Evesham Station

We have mounted a number of display boards at Evesham Station in memory of the railwaymen  killed in the two world wars.

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  • At the Library

We mounted a display at the library about the history of the cinemas in Evesham

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  • Elsewhere

We are always happy to consider mounting a display where space is available. We have (for a short time) mounted displays in Vine Mews and elsewhere.

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