Displays in St Lawrence’s Church

Displays in St Lawrence’s Church

Since that start of our partnership with the Churches Conservation trust in 2014 we have mounted a series of displays in St. Lawrence’s church. The plan is to present a rolling programme of displays throughout the year.

A Committee member, Ian Lloyd-Oswell (an experienced wood-worker and retired teacher) has made two lecterns for our displays in the south vestry. The picture shows Ian, putting together the finishing touches to  the first one:

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Subsequently we had a succession of displays of which several have been related to the Great War, including

  • The first display – in December 2014  was dedicated to the volunteers and heroes of the First World War. This was followed by
  • May 2015: the support given to the troops by the town and the Church
  • 2015: a display in association with the Battle of Evesham commemoration
  • November 2015: the the effect of the Great War on the agriculture industry in Evesham and elsewhere
  • August 2016: a display about Evesham Bell Tower and its restoration
  • December 2016: a display about St Lawrence and the church
  • July 2017: Abbey Manor Hospital in the Great War
  • November 2017: St Egwin and his miracles
  • July 2018: Music in the Vale
  • November 2018: War memorials in the Vale
  • July 2019: Simon de Montfort and his colleagues and enemies (based on the display in 2015) complemented by further information about his ally Walter de Cantelupe
  • January 2020: The present display marks the bicentenary of Frederick Preedy, the architect and sainted-glass window maker, whose work can be seen made in St Lawrence’s and many other churches in the Vale and elsewhere.
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