Evesham’s Military Heritage

Evesham’s Military Heritage: Writing the Book

with Stan Brotherton
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Stan Brotherton, whose latest book “Evesham’s Military Heritage” had recently been published, explained in a very informative, interesting and well received talk about the problems and lessons learned when writing it.

Following the success of his previous book, Amberley Publications gave him a brief for another local history book: 15-20,000 words and 100 photographs to be completed within one year. Aware that certain areas of Evesham’s history seemed neglected, such as its involvement in the English Civil War, he had then focussed on the Town’s military history about which a plethora of relevant material existed. An excess of material unfortunately presented its own problems and in order to remain within the brief Stan decided that the book be confined solely to the Town itself and omit the people from Evesham who had fought elsewhere. Dramatic stories and personal histories were required and this had led him to compile a mass of notes on all subjects which could be useful, and from which choices could eventually be made. Of most importance proved recording the source of them all.

Photographs Stan had found problematic, particularly with regard to Copyright, the ownership of a photograph – and cost if used: £50 for one example. Even when
a photograph had been chosen and obtained, in order to show what was required aligning, trimming, editing and – if there were more than one – sequencing and juxtaposition, all took time.

After checking the required spelling, -ise not –ize for example, the completed draft was sent, returned for correction, corrected, returned and, surprisingly, errors not previously present discovered. Then, with the cover design approved, the book could finally be published.