Villages of the Vale

Villages of the Vale

Evesham and Bengeworth are surrounded by a family of villages large and small, many of which have origins which date back many centuries, and each of which has a fascinating history.

The links here are to sites which give the history of each, or to sources of further information. Many of the village communities have their own website, primarily concerned with the present time. These are not mentioned unless they include historical information.

The VEHS is not responsible for the contents of other sites, and this is inevitably not a comprehensive compilation. The Society would be grateful to be made aware of other good sources of historical information of the Vale villages; please let us know through the website or at the Almonry Heritage Centre in Evesham

Pershore has its own thriving Heritage and History Society, a section of which is specifically related to its history. There is a permanent exhibition at the Heritage Centre on the first floor of the Town Hall. More information is available about Pershore’s workhouse.

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