This page is here to contain any items of news about the society and its activities. It will be updated from time to time as things happen or events are organised. Watch this space.

Our Programme of Talks

We have now ended our programme of talks for the 2021-22 season, and after a covid-affected start (and apart from one last-minute change to the programme) all ran smoothly. For a recap of the season, see below here

We have now arranged our complete programme for 2022-23 and look forward to seeing as many of our members and friends as possible, back in the Friends’ Meeting House in September and after.

Medieval Market

The Market on 21-22 May was larger than ever this year. As before, we had a stall in our usual place in the vestry of St Lawrence’s church – next to our friends at the Simon de Montfort Society. We had a very profitable time selling our books, cards and memorabilia. The event showed how much of a “heritage powerhouse” we have in the centre of Evesham, with St Lawrence’s so close to Abbey Park and the Tower, and the site of the Evesham Abbey Trust excavation and renovation work.

The Battle of Evesham

Battle of Evesham

The Battle Re-enactment on Crown Meadow on 6-7 August promises to be the largest ever. We will have a stall there, to exhibit the work of’ the Society and hopefully sell some of our wares. If you would like to come and “man” the stall for a time over the weekend, please let us know.

Our Shop

If you have seen the books the VEHS has published in the last few years, you may like to know that several of these, and recent back numbers of our magazine,  are now available though our on-line shop here. All the prices here include p&p.

St Lawrence’s Church

We are now developing the schedule to opening St Lawrence’s, after the aftermath of the  “covid shut-down” proved to have been rather more extensive that we had hoped. Over the Summer, we aim to open the church nearly all Sunday afternoons, many Saturday afternoons, and (hopefully) some times in the mornings and even mid-week.

We have our vestry in the south-east of the church, with displays and other material, (there is also a mini-display marking the Jubilee) and we also man the reception desk in the north-west, with information about the church (in English and Polish) and some items for sale.

How often we are able to be open will depend on how many people we have volunteering to join our rota to come in, greet visitors, and generally just “be there”. If you are a member of the VEHS and would like to spend a little time in such a lovely place – even an hour or two – from time to time, please let us know.

Heritage Open Days

heritage open daysThe Heritage Open Days festival is planned over 10 days 9 – 18 September. As last year, and in consultation with the Churches Conservation Trust, we plan to open St Lawrence’s Church on both weekends of the Heritage Open Days festival – and have a new display to show – about non-conformism in the Vale.

As ever, we wish to have a good number of people with us in the church, so feel free to com, and if you can volunteer to “man the fort” we would love to hear from you.

Research Facilities

We are continuing to expand and index the facilities held by the Society for research into topics of historical interest, including books and papers at our “library” in Church Lench and in storage at The Hive in Worcester – and also our collection of digital images. This available – to Society members only. If you have a specific interest or are looking for a specific item,, please let us know.

A recap of our 2021-22 Season of Talks

We started the season with a talk on 30 September by  Wayne Perkins entitled ‘Medieval Graffiti in the Evesham Churches

The second meeting was on Thursday 28 October. Mary Bodfish gave a talk entitled ‘Easy as ABC (the history of the alphabet and English handwriting)’. This was a unique event in that the members of the Society met in the Friends’ Meeting House while Mary visited up by Zoom (and a couple of others also joined in that way).

For our third meeting we were back to normal and everyone (members and others) came to the Friends’ meeting House on Thursday 25 November, when Gerry Harte talked about Frederick Preedy and the Victorian Gothic Revival. The talk was held in conjunction with our display about Frederick Preedy in the Riverside Shopping Centre.

Then our December talk is just a fortnight later – on 9 December. Gillian White gave a talk on ‘Nicholas Hilliard and the Art of the Miniature’.

We had a bit of a break over Christmas, until January, when Ian Lloyd-Oswell talked about Timber Framed Buildings.

February brought us Ray Sturdy, talking about Vesta Tilley

The March talk had be re-arranged at short notice, and we are grateful to Julian Hunt for stepping in and giving us a great talk on Needleland. The talk originally scheduled will now be in April 2023.

April brought us Richard Churchley, talking about old pubs and their names

And the season was rounded off by Max Keen and the Civil War