The Society holds an important collection of historical artefacts and documents. either owned by the Society or on loan from members and others.

We have three basic categories of items:

We have an extensive collection of books, files and documents, which are intended as source material for research. Many of these are held in our storage in Childswickham, but those of more immediate interest are at our Study Room facility at Church Lench. Access to the Study Room, and an index of the material, is available on request to Society members only

church lench library

Other documents are held in the Archive and Archaeology facility at the Hive in Worcester

We have an extensive collection of photographs, pictures and postcards. Many of these have been digitised, to form a library of over 9000 images (including many duplicates!) a few of which are shown here in our gallery. An index of our images is available on request to Society members only.

From before the founding of the Almonry Museum, the Society (and its members) has amassed its collection of objects and artefacts, dating from the Ice Age to the late 20th Century. Although responsibility for its curation and display has now devolved to Evesham Town Council and the Museum Manager, much of our collection remains in the Almonry Museum, although many items have been removed.



Some items removed from the Almonry (for example our collection of firearms) have had to be disposed of. Others (for example our collection of photographic equipment) are being stored by our members. A few are in our Childswickham store: the photo here shows the bandsman’s costume and drum, which are now in store.




We are currently looking for space in which to store items: if you are interested please contact us.