Evesham Abbey Bell Tower

Evesham Abbey Bell Tower: an architectural and documentary history

by George Demidowicz and Toni Demidowicz

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A new publication based on the extensive archive research undertaken for the Evesham Abbey Bell Tower conservation project.

This is a thoughtful and thorough history of Evesham’s iconic Bell Tower; a lavishly illustrated work which discusses and details the history and architecture of this beautiful building, supplemented by a detailed chronology based on a close examination of archive sources. This is not only a definitive local history, but also an important one: linking the modern market town with its ancient sacred roots.

Chris Povey, Ringing Master of the Bell Tower, writes:

We must all thank George and Toni for this work, which has enhanced Evesham’s history considerably. I wish to thank them personally, too.  The Tower has been a substantial part of my life – my early years were spent in and around Evesham (my father photographed me under it when I was 3) – and my own family has been ‘indoctrinated’ by it over the years. It is therefore a joy to know so much more about the finest and most famous detached bell tower in the country!


About the Authors

George Demidowicz retired from the Coventry City Council in 2011 as head of the Conservation and Archaeology Team and works now as a consultant. He is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of History of the University of Birmingham and a member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

George’s main research field is the historic environment, employing a multi-disciplinary approach combining documentary history with field work and archaeological excavation. His particular interests are building history, rural landscape history, garden history, urban topography and industrial archaeology He has recently published books on the old Cathedral of St Michael’s, Coventry and on Caludon Castle in the same city.

Toni Demidowicz retired in 2011 from Birmingham City Council after 23 years as a Buildings Conservation Officer. With a background in history, she retrained as a town planner to work in building conservation. She is a member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation. Toni’s interests include building history and urban topography and development. Among her other projects she has worked extensively on the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, recently completing a building and business history of J.W. Evans, die-sinkers and stampers, whose premises were acquired by English Heritage in 2008.

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