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Planned Publications


The Murder of Evesham

“Swiche was the morthere of Eivesham; vor bataile non it was” – Robert of Gloucester

Most battles were typical of their time and a few were pivotal with major social or political consequences.  Evesham was such a battle.  If the outcome of the battle had been different, if Earl Simon had broken through and joined up with his son before turning at bay or if the younger Simon had pressed on down the Evesham road and arrived in time to attack Edward’s army from the rear as his father engaged it from the front, then we may be living in a very different country today.  But for an accident of timing 750 years ago on Greenhill the United Kingdom might not exist today.

Written by the VEHS’ medievalist, David Snowden, this is an analysis of that battle, drawing heavily upon original sources and recent discoveries to argue that the death of Simon de Montfort was not just an act of war but an instance of private vengeance and Machiavellian raison d’etat.


Also planned… ‘Windows on Evesham’

Local historian Michael Hunt is writing a series of monographs on aspects of Evesham’s history ranging in time from the retreat of the Romans to the reign of Queen Victoria.  Written with Mike’s characteristic understated humour and acerbic wit each part of this multi-book set scrutinises received wisdom, challenges myth and legend and delivers a well argued verdict that places Evesham’s history firmly in its historical context.  In addition one volume will deal with the charters that made Evesham a self-governing community in its own right and their, rather surprising, Scottish connections; another aims to provide a comprehensive survey of Evesham’s parliamentary representatives through rebellion and reform.

Part 1      Evesham After the Romans

Part 1.5   The Unknown Abbots of Evesham

Part 2      Monastic Evesham

Part 3      Evesham in the Sixteenth Century

Part 4      Evesham’s Charters and the Scottish Connection

Part 5      Evesham in the Seventeenth Century

Part 6      Eighteenth Century Evesham

Part 7       Victorian Evesham

Part 8       Evesham in Twentieth Century

Companion volume: To Represent Evesham, a history of Evesham’s parliamentary representation through the centuries.

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