Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson – England’s Greatest Hero

by Max Keen
Thursday 26th March 2015

Poster for Lord Nelson March 2015

There was a humorous start to Max Keen’s talk to the Society at their March meeting on the evening of the 26th.  Max turned up dressed as Napoleon, for a talk about the life of Lord Nelson!

He soon stripped off his outer layers, however, and proceeded with his talk in the garb of an ordinary seaman of the time.

Ever the enthusiast for his subject, Max informed his listeners that originally he had called his talk “Lord Nelson:  England’s Greatest Hero?”  He had removed the question mark, however, since his personal opinion was that there was no question about it!

In a lavishly illustrated presentation, he followed Nelson’s glittering career from his birth in a Norfolk vicarage, via his first great naval triumph at the Battle of Cape St Vincent, to his death on the deck of the Victory in October 1805.

Max’s infectious enthusiasm for his subject held the audience spellbound, his description of the fighting at Trafalgar being particularly thrilling.

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