Patron, President and Vice Presidents
The positions of Patron, President and Vice President are honorary ones. By-law 14 states: “These positions are honorary ones which may be used by the trustees to honour anyone whose services to the Society, or to its objects, have been notable.”

Patron Dr David Cox BA PhD FSA
President Maurice Heritage
Vice Presidents Neville Cole
Chris Grove
Bill Underwood

Trustees of the VEHS (the Committee)
The trustees of the VEHS are the members of the committee:



Carmel Langridge

Elaine Anderson

Treasurer Richard Ball
Secretary Vacancy
Membership secretary Richard Ball
Committee members Gerry Harte
Ian Lloyd-Oswell

The Committee appoints various sub-committees to consider particular items or issues as the needs arise. A number of sub-committees are in place at present:

  • the Curatorial team is concerned with the storage and upkeep of our collection of artefacts and documents. it is chaired by Maurice Heritage, supported by Carmel Langridge,  Richard Ball, Gerry Harte, and Elaine Anderson. Maurice Heritage has vast experience of conservation and care of collections through his work with the National Trust; as well as the work of the Society.
  • the St Lawrence’s sub-committee is concerned with our support of St Lawrence’s Church and liaison with the Churches Conservation trust. It is chaired by Elaine Anderson, supported by Richard Ball and Gerry Harte.
  • the Display subcommittee mounts displays of the history and heritage of the Vale in various sites around Evesham. It is chaired by Elaine Anderson, supported by Richard Ball,Gerry Harte, Carmel Langridge, Wendy Wagstaff and Vivien Williamson. They have done a lot of work in the Riverside Shopping Centre and in St Lawrence’s church.
  • the Archaeology subcommittee is chaired by Carmel Langridge supported by Richard Ball, Ivor Martin and Wendy Wagstaff.

Last updated 19 December 2020

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